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Insurgent Theatre Stages Anarchist Play in Tallahassee 16JAN2009
Insurgent Theatre Stages Anarchist Play in Tallahassee

Contacts: Ben Turk & Kate Pleuss
Phone: 414 305 9832
Email: insurgent.ben@gmail.com & katepleuss@gmail.com

Radical touring theatre company's newest production, ULYSSES' CREWMEN confronts audiences with political action at an intractable impasse. This complex original work about the political kidnapping of a US delegate is currently on it's second tour, an odyssey of the northeast and southwest, performing in non-traditional spaces from New York to Texas.

"Insurgent's project is noble and high-minded... it takes guts to do work like this."
-Kurt Hartwig, Snap Milwaukee

- Venue Address: Free Radicals Infoshop 803 Railroad Ave. Tallahassee
- Event Date and Time: Jan. 16th, 8pm
- Cost: Suggested Donation
- Telephone Number: 850-417-7237
- Venue Website: www.radicalize.us
- Artists on Bill: Insurgent Theatre with music tba

Written by Ben Turk
Starring Kate Pleuss and Ben Turk
Tour Journal: http://ulyssescrewmen.blogspot.com/
Preview Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCwYQzt_vbw
More about the play:
A militant dissenter abuses her hostage from the US delegation while faintly aware of the audience surrounding her. This claustrophobic scene creates a space for radical introspection, defiant theatre and tactical conversations. With only a few props, two actors, one of who is bound and gagged, and a serious commitment to DIY politics, Insurgent Theatre refutes ancient dogmas found in Homer's Odyssey and examines the psychosexual underpinnings of empire and rebellion.

More about the Playwright:

"Ben Turk co-founded INSURGENT THEATRE in the summer of 2003. He learned every aspect of theatre production, from promotion and fundraising to set construction and lighting to playwriting, acting and directing by hands-on experience and independent research. After a years of writing and producing successful full length plays like BRING THE WAR HOME, all kinds of absurd one act festivals, and wild theatre experiments like PLAY IN A DAY (a full length play written, constructed, rehearsed and performed in only 24 hours) Ben has decided to apply his DIY theatre approach to touring. "

414 305 9832


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